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Bonus Act 2030 (Nep) Civil Service Act 2049 (Nep) Company Act 2063 (Nep) Contract Act 2056 (2000) Electricity Act 2049(Nep) Electricity Rules 2050 (Nep) Foreign Investments Tax Rules B.S.2020 (Nep) Income Tax Rules 2059 (Nep) Income Tax Act 2058 (Nep) Income Tax Act, 2058 (Ammend 2077) Income Tax Act, 2058 Eng Income tax Directive 2078 […]

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WELCOME TO RAJMS Accounting Auditing Standard Board Department of Customs Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry IFRS Foundation Inland Revenue Department Nepal Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal International Federation of Accountants Investment Board Nepal Ministry of Finance- Government of Nepal Nepal Accounting Standard Board (NASB) Nepal […]