Act & Rules

Bonus Act 2030 (Nep)

Civil Service Act 2049 (Nep)

Company Act 2063 (Nep)

Contract Act 2056 (2000)

Electricity Act 2049(Nep)

Electricity Rules 2050 (Nep)

Foreign Investments Tax Rules B.S.2020 (Nep)

Income Tax Rules 2059 (Nep)

Income Tax Act 2058 (Nep)

Income Tax Act, 2058 (Ammend 2077)

Income Tax Act, 2058 Eng

Income tax Directive 2078 (4th Amend- March 10, 2022) (Nep)

IncomeTaxAct, 2058 and Rules,2059 (Nep)

Insurance Act 2049 (Nep)

Labour Act, 2074 (Nep)

Labour Act_Unofficial translation 2017 (Eng)

Labour Rules 2075 (Nep)

Labour-act-2048-1992 (Eng)

Labour-Rules-2050-1993 (Eng)

PE Directive 2077 (Nep)

Public Procurement Act 2063 (Nep)

Public Procurement Rules 2064 (Nep)

Social Securities Act 2075 (Nep)

Social Security Act 2074 (Nep)

Social Security Rule 2075 (Nep)

VAT Act 2052 (Nep)

VAT Directive 2080 (Nep)

VAT Rules 2053 (Nep)

VAT Rules 2053 (Nep)


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